Business Cases

Tutto's widely praised Office On Wheels is the perfect business companion at the office or on the go! The Office On Wheels allows you to carry heavy loads evenly on four wheels, with no upper back or shoulder strain. Its innovative design has even won an award from the National Arthritis Foundation.

Thanks to Tutto's patented sturdy, yet lightweight frame, you can stack up to 100 pounds of additional luggage or gear on top. And, it collapses to about 3" when empty, so it can be stored easily.

It features specially designed pockets to help you organize your laptop and accessories, binders, files, and more, as well as padded protection for your laptop.

If you a buyer for a governmental agency, school, court, etc. and cannot pay using a credit card, please contact us at We will be glad to work with you.

We are now also offering three Salesperson Product Cases with large open compartments and no dividers.